How to break bad Habits successfully and achieve goals

You probably reading this article because you would like to know how to break bad habits successfully. Mostly what we do or how we pass day depends on our habits. What we do every day mostly are habit based. We have those good habits which are great but on the contrary, we also have bad habits which we want to get rid off. whether it’s stop overeating, Go to sleep early for better health, quit smoking or quit drinking.

Below you will get 10 most effective and practical idea that will help you to break up  your bad habits and achieve your life goals successfully.


10 tips on how to break bad habits successfully:


Understand your habits

If you only wish that your bad habits will just go away on its own then it will not work. So, what you should do then? The first step you need take is to find out your bad habits and then take the step to break it. So, every habit follows the same three-step pattern—

The Trigger- It means what triggers or motivates you to gain the desired result?

The Routine- It means physical or emotional steps you take that will help you to get the reward.

The Reward- The satisfaction you hope to get after completing all those necessary steps.


How to break bad Habits successfully and achieve your goals


The golden rule of habit change is to pair the same motivation with the same desire for achieving the goal and only change the object in the middle. So, as an example the trigger is the pressure and the reward is to get rid off the pressure and the object in the middle is the habit of mindless munching. We want to change the object in the middle to a healthier habit.

For example, waking up in the early morning can help you to maintain your health and also give you the chance to do exercise regularly.

It is not possible for you to find a quick and fast new effective habit to replace the old habit because it will take some time and even trials before you can see the positive changes in your life.


Observe your new lifestyle

If you want to replace your bad habits with new habits, first you have to think and observe your new lifestyle and how that would make you feel better. This will be your motivation which will keep you pushing you forward for achieving your goals.

For example, if you quit smoking you will have more energy, more money and it will also help for having better health for your kids.

if I stop eating junk foods and choose healthier options you are going to start losing weight amd your clothes will look more attractive on your body.


Stop focusing on negative object and be positive

In order to find a way for How to break bad habits successfully? You need to focus on what you are going to do. We all have an intention to set negative goals instead of positive goals.

As an example, I will not eat junk foods, I will not smoke, I will not drink alcohol anymore. Instead of focusing on the negative action we should act against it and set positive goals.

The idea is to focus on your new positive habits and the things you are going to do. Something like I will come home early more often and eat at home, I will exercise three times weekly, I will chew gum when there is an inner motive for smoking in my mind.


Set up small achievable goals and focus on them

So, the idea is not to get rid of your bad habit the next day. I’m sure you have tried it and probably failed at it. For instance, if you have affection to sugar then just don’t say no to all sugary foods. In this situation, the idea should be replacing that with healthier options.

Replace that with natural sugars from fruits maple syrup or honey. If you can do something like this you are not only satisfying your sugar affection but also you are consciously making healthier choices.

So, don’t worry about the future focus on today the key is to make slow subtle changes every single day and this will allow time for your body and mind to adapt.


Be hyper aware of your circumstances

It’s always easy not to think of something or not to do something. If you don’t see it or if you’re not around it. So, your environment plays a crucial role in breaking your bad habits.


Use sticky notes on fridge as a reminder


If food is your weakness then don’t buy and stock up on junk foods. It will help to reduce the chances of you mindlessly grabbing something out of the fridge and start eating.

Stop hanging out at a bar will help you if you want to quit smoking or drinking. Avoiding those places will not trigger you to drink or smoke.


Use habit reminders

Habit reminders are always a great way to keeping you up with your new routines. Because the idea is to be aware especially when you’re about to fall back into your same old habits.

For example, if you have the habit of nail biting try to apply nail polish because it is not fun to bite your nails while having nail polish on your nails and surely it will work.


Use nail polish to get rid of the bad habits of biting nails


Again if you have the habit of not going to sleep early You can use reminder alarm in your phone to remind yourself of going to bed early. Because waking up the late night is not ok for your health and consequences of sleep deprivation could be very dangerous for your lifestyle.

If you have the bad habit of eating mindlessly out of your fridge then you can put a note on your refrigerator to remind yourself not to eat. And it will surely work to the fact How to break bad habits successfully. These reminders will always work if you implement them correctly.

Commit publicly

when you go public you are more accountable in a way you have set a challenge for yourself to succeed not only to prove it to yourself but to others. It can be a huge motivation.

So, go ahead tell your friends, tell your family members.


Be kind to yourself

Yes, I do believe! It is vital to be precise when it comes to the question of how to break bad habits successfully? But you want to avoid focusing on negative thoughts. Remember one mistake does not equal failure. So instead of beating yourself up, you have to learn to be kind to yourself and forgive yourself.  Just remember this is a process and it will take time.

Good habits are more Rewarding

Focus on the process, not just the results

You have to stop looking for shortcuts. Because getting rid of bad habits is not that easy and it needs a long-term goal. It will take time and it will not just happen immediately. It requires daily commitment reminders and trial and error.

Stick with just one system won’t work for you every time. You might have to try different methods until you find something that works for you. So, it is also very important for you to review your progress on a daily basis. This might seem tough at first but if you stick by it if you commit to it eventually you will start to practice the new habits without even realizing it. That’s when you know you have succeeded.

Set a clear goal and timeline

If you want to achieve any success in your life you need to set a clear goal and a realistic timeline.  That’s the way you can find the answer to your question and that is How to break bad habits successfully?

The golden rule of habit change is to pair the same trigger with the same reward and only change the action in the middle. So, for instance, the trigger is stress and the reward is to calm yourself down. the action in the middle is the habit of mindless munching. We want to change the action in the middle to a healthier habit.

For example, drinking a warm cup of green tea which can help with relaxation or go for a long walk. you won’t instantly find a new healthier habit to replace the old habit this will take time and even trials before you can see the permanent change.

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