Beware of overtraining effect and avoid excessive workout

How overtraining effect our body? How can it affect your overall hormone balance and your endocrine system in the first place? What is overtraining does it exist?

Yes, it is true that overtraining effects on our body and obviously it’s not helpful for us. So what are those effects? Before going to that part we need to know what is Overtraining?

Well, Overtraining is one of the quickest ways to actually sabotage your progress. Overtraining can actually affect on how much of your hormones you produce at the end of the day. If you end up way to overtrained you can actually reset your hormone levels down to a bare minimum state. where all of your hormones are completely out of whack. As a result, you can suffer from different kinds of physical as well as mental stress.


Overtraining effect in our body and its consequences:

Below you can find some list of how overtraining effect our body and its result on our body as well as our mind?

Constant low energy

This is where you’re just kind of dragging your butt through your workouts. You’re not really enthusiastic to be there. Also, you know just throughout the course of your day you’re tired and even if you get a good night’s sleep that fatigue is still there. So that’s one of the signs that you may be over stressing your body.

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 Poor performance in the gym

You may find that you get weaker and you’re not able to lift weights that you normally would lift. You might also lose some muscle mass. Because when you’re over train your body is stuck in this catabolic state where it’s constantly breaking tissue down.


Overtraining effect the gym performance


You might also experience joint pain and muscle pain that’s not explained by an injury. So, these are kind of overuse type of problems that you that can occur when you’re exercising too much.

This can also happen if you’re doing the same movements over and over again. So, this is why it’s good to switch up your exercise routine periodically.

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 Development of Insomnia

When you over train your body is completely exhausted because you’re completely physically stressed out but your mind may be racing when you’re trying to go to sleep at night. The reason for this is that you’ve overstimulated your nervous system and your sympathetic nervous system. This is your flight or fight branch of your autonomic nervous system.

What this does is it produces it causes your adrenal glands to produce stress hormones something like cortisol and adrenaline.

You may also experience loss of libido. This might not be full on erectile dysfunction but you just don’t have or you’re not in the mood to have sex.


Poor mental focus

Another overtraining effect is imbalance mental focus. You may have kind of foggy thinking some people call it brain fog.

You might have short-term memory lapses or you find it difficult to comprehend something that you’re reading or to follow a conversation you’re having with somebody.


Effect on Immune system

When you overtraining you are putting stress in your body too much and you’re in a catabolic state. This suppresses your immune system. Especially when you have high levels of cortisol which is immune suppressive.

As a result, you end up catching frequent infections, colds that you just can’t seem to shake and they just hang on for longer than you normally should.

Dehydration and electrolyte imbalance

When you’re over exercising and exerting yourself you are not properly hydrated and you run the risk of becoming dehydrated. And when you’re dehydrated your electrolyte balances are all off.

Dehydration can lead to cramping, it could lead the heart palpitations, it can lead to dysphoria, foggy head, it could even lead to nausea, vomiting, and passing out.

It’s very dangerous and a lot of people are unaware of it. So you need to make sure that you’re properly hydrated and one way you can avoid that is by not over exercising too much.

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 Muscle fatigue

When you’re over-exercising you’re overusing and overextending your muscles beyond the limits that they want to go. It means you putting pressure on your body beyond the limit.

As a result, you run the risk of injuring yourself. And this is the common overtraining effect. It can lead to pulling muscles, straining muscles, and fatigue them internally to the point where they just don’t even want to work anymore.


Overall burnout

During over-exercising your body just gets tired, your mind gets tired and you don’t want to do the exercises anymore. You wake up in the morning and you’re just like I don’t want to do it anymore, I can’t do this anymore, it’s like torture. you don’t want exercise to be looked at as torture and that’s what happens we over exercise.


Overtraining effect the body and makes us injury prone


The more you over exercise the more likely you are to becoming injured. When you over exercise your muscles get tired, you get tired and mentally you get exhausted.

Because your muscles are tired and weak that’s why you’re going to become more prone to injury. So just make sure that you keep your exercise in moderation and you don’t exercise your body parts to the extreme too often too fast too hard.


Body burns muscle mass as fuel

With over exercising it becomes counterproductive. what happens is you start your body starts burning muscle mass as fuel. It means if you’re in the gym and when you lift all this weight you do notice cardio well. Your body can only dip into the glycogen stores. It can only dip into your fat stores so much and if once you start burning through those then your body goes to its other stores which is muscle for fuel.

So, all that time you spent pumping it up in the gym your body’s eating it all away.  Don’t over exercise because you are basically feeding off of your body and it’s totally counterproductive with exercise. Keep it in moderation and it will help you to not hurt you.

Some people say that there is no overtraining effect in our body, in fact, it doesn’t exist at all and that it’s just a myth.  That’s wrong but it does take a fairly high workload to really get to that point of overtraining and it definitely can come into play for some lifters. It works more in gradient where maybe you’re doing a bit too much and that might be slowing down your progress slightly or maybe you are doing way too much and it can have a really bad effect, or maybe you’re just somewhere in the middle, but overtraining definitely can happen. It will affect different people differently depending on their genetics, their nutrition, their sleep as well as their overall lifestyle.

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