Post workout nutrition can make your fat burning process faster

Your Post workout nutrition is the first meal you have after your workout session which is also known as the anabolic phase. Having the right post workout nutrition will help with increasing muscle mass to reduce fatigue and muscle soreness and with overall recovery and this is as important as the pre-workout meals before a heavy exercise.

That is why we need to refill our body with high protein and a few carbs. The protein consists of amino acids which build muscle and help with recovery. Our muscle breaks down during a workout and needs to be rebuilt with protein.

For these reasons, we are encouraged to consume our post-workout meals within 30 to 60 minutes right after a workout session. This is when our body is most ready to accept the carbs and protein and to use these nutrients to reviewed restore and recover.

I like to schedule my big foods right after a workout session, for instance, I tend to work out mid-morning and to have my lunch straight after. Knowing that this is not always possible for all of us I will be sharing some examples of post workout nutrition.


Some post workout Nutrition for fast fat burning:

Basic Grilled Chicken with Veggies

Basic Grilled Chicken with Veggies

After the workout, your body will be in recovery mode. So you need a nutrient-dense dish. The lean protein in the grilled chicken will fill you up without feeling overly bloated and the veggies are high in fiber. As a result, they will keep you satisfied without overeating.


Vegetable Omelet as post workout nutrition

Vegetable Omelet

what you have in this post workout meal is broccolis spinach, carrots, onions, two eggs cooked with a little bit of olive oil. Again, eggs are an easy source of protein. They are light on your body. So they will keep you satisfied and this is also a great choice for vegetarians.


Salmon with Sweet Potato Chips as post workout nutrition

Salmon with Sweet Potato Chips

Salmon is a great source of protein with omega-3 and the sweet potato chips is packed with complex carbs. Which helps to restore energy especially after an intense exercise. If you are a vegan you can always substitute the salmon or the grilled chicken breast with beans or even chickpeas.


tuna chunks and red pepper hummus as post workout nutrition

Tuna chunks and red pepper hummus

Tuna is very low in calories but high in protein. 100 grams of tuna only contains 99 calories and it has 23.5 gram of protein. The hummus is also low in calories and high in protein and it is a great vegan option to fill your protein requirement.

So, you can either have tuna or hummus or both with crackers or you can even make a sandwich and pack it out with you. So, there is no cooking required at all and this is really convenient.


chocolate milk as post workout nutrition

Chocolate milk

Chocolate lovers this is for you. Recent research has shown that is the latest craze as post workout nutrition and snacks even over water and sports drink. This is because one cup of chocolate milk has everything you need cups to restore energy protein for muscle recovery and water content to replace lost fluid from exercising. So chocolate lovers after a workout are the perfect time to indulge in a cup of hot chocolate milk.


Smoothie with fruits is the Perfect pre-workout meal


It’s a great post-workout meal and it’s also delicious. Smoothie helps to replenish lost fluid from exercising. You can add a little bit of spinach into your smoothie.


Protein shakes as post workout nutrition

Protein shakes

The easiest and most convenient way to refill your body with protein is to drink protein shakes. Each scoop of protein powder has an average of 24 grams of protein. And we all know that protein shakes are not just for men.

You can choose to mix one scoop of protein powder with water or with milk for extra carbs and protein. If you are a man and you are much bigger in size then go for 2 scoops.


Protein bar as post workout nutrition

Protein bar

A quick stop or post-workout fix is to consume protein bar but be careful of the sugar content. Go for protein bars with 10 to 30 gram of protein less than 10 grams of sugar and with the minimum amount of ingredients.


When to consume post workout nutrition:

when should I take my post workout nutrition after a heavy gym session? Not only from the bodybuilders all the way back everybody saying you should eat your meal right after your workout. There is some good reason why they’re saying this.

That’s because as soon as you get done with an intense activity regardless of whether it’s high-intensity training, some tough gymnastic, body weight workout or some strong manners from CrossFit you have increased glucose uptake and increase protein synthesis.



Which essentially means the food that you’re eating will be used much better. Something like, if you eat a donut it’s going to be burned lot faster right after a hard workout than if you eat it right before bed at night time and you haven’t eaten anything at all.

So, this increased glucose uptake and increase protein synthesis are what bodybuilders take advantage of to increase muscular hypertrophy. That is why they constantly recommend within 30 minutes after your workout has a good protein and carbohydrate blended meal right after the workout. It’s a great way to replenish the muscle glycogen and utilize that protein synthesis to help you rebuild those muscles faster and recover faster between your workouts.


 Some Key advice:

If you find that the portions are too small you can always add a side of vegetable, rice, couscous quinoa, baked potato, vegetable soup and more. Adjust the portion according to your personal requirement most of these meals can be prepped beforehand for convenience.

If you have never given much thought in regards to your post-workout nutrition then I will suggest you to try it out. Because they will make a significant difference to your workout performance and results.

As a basic guideline, remember to fill your body with carbs for energy and to refill your body with protein for recovery. The more basic your foods are the better they will be for your body.

As long as you need to consume whole food and real food you will be on the right track to optimize workout performance and results. Always remember to stay hydrated before during and after your workout. So carry a bottle of water with you at all times.



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